Letting Go

Today I’m feeling lighter…

Last night our group shared what we each wanted to let go of.

Things that have been holding us back, things that we’ve been holding on to…anger, resentment, control, fear, and many others.

For me I felt like I have over the years taken different hurts, memories, and feelings and stuffed them in places deep within me.

Places that I’ve hidden, or at least thought I hid.

Through this process I have realized just how open, raw and ugly those things have manifested in my daily life.

I chose and am choosing daily from now on to let go.

Its time to purge.

I couldn’t go to bed until late because the process I was going through made me feel sick.

Then, was up in the middle of the night.

Nausea was overwhelming.  I wanted to turn back.  What had I gotten myself into!?!

But, thinking about the goal, while using the tools of breathing and thinking, helped me through it.

Getting out the stuff that has laid stagnant in our souls and bodies for years is not always a fun party…

However, cleansing away the things that bind us, cover us will free us.

Freedom to love, live…be.

Today is a new day…

Let the healing begin!

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