6 Life Lessons From the Old Barn Window

Dotty&OldBarnMy mom recently posted a picture she dug out of the archives (probably from an old box) of me sitting in the window of the old barn we had on the 7 acre property where I grew up.

When I saw that photo, I was immediately transported back to that time in my life.
I have always been a deep thinker and pondered the greater questions in life.Dotty&PrinceCarl

I also had lots of dreams to travel to distant lands and learn others’ cultures, help those in need and of course be swept away by a handsome prince.

My reality living on a rural farm in Georgia at age 14 seemed far away from my dreams.

I was at the age where absolutely everything was dramatic and any hurtful or unpleasant situation seemed endless.
As time went on, I was able to see that dreams can come true.
However, it is not always on the time table or in the way we think it will unfold.

The JourneyI still “retreat” to ask for guidance, dream, and rejuvenate as I did in the window of that “sacred space”.

Life has a beautiful way to unfold and reveal the answers to our pondered questions.

Here are 6 KEY LIFE LESSONS I have learned through the “OLD BARN WINDOW”.

1. The struggles and trials of life are temporary.

KeepCalmPainTemporaryAlthough surviving adolescence through high school seemed endless, I made it!

The other many trials that have come along since then have also passed.

I am learning to lean on these trials with more grace and trust, knowing all things will work for my good if my heart is in the right place and love is my motive.

2. If you take time to retreat, dream and set your intention, the reality can come to pass.

Young people and education, woman studying for university testAs I continue to physically separate myself periodically from my daily routine, and get away with the intention to rejuvenate and get clear on my purpose and course for my life, it sets in motion the details necessary for the pieces to come together to manifest.

3. Loving and being gentle with yourself, instead of, self destructive behaviors will lead you to your dreams.

woman putting a bunch of healthy ingredientsI was on a roller coaster of behaviors that did not support my highest purpose and honor my body and my innermost being.

As I have been learning to truly cherish the gift of who I am and the choices to nourish my body, soul and spirit, my choices have positively shifted.

The more I truly honor and love myself, the more I can feel clarity and peace to love others, which ultimately has opened the doors to a clear path to knowing and living my purpose.

4. What matters most is not whether or not other people like or love you, but that you love yourself and others no matter what.

walkingtogetherI was always so insecure and concerned with what others thought of me.  I wanted to be accepted and the popular girl that the boys liked.

I remember feeling so nervous around the “in crowd” that I would have knots in my stomach, and almost felt like passing out.

Rerouting my thoughts to truly understanding the frailty and humanity in all of us has freed me from the attachment to others’ acceptance, while realizing and knowing I am fearfully and wonderfully made just as I am.

5. Going confidently in the direction of your dreams will light the way to achieving them.

reflectingI have been more intentional about changing my words to match my desires for my life by speaking positive affirmations instead of negative ones.

Taking steps of faith towards what I want instead of staying in a neutral space has begun to open the doors to my dreams.

6. What matters most is not others’ opinions of you, but that you are standing firm in your truth and staying your course.

In autumn parkTruly becoming connected to my authenticity and value in my own skin has been the master key to unlocking my confidence to be the person I was created to be.

Realizing that no matter what anyone says about me really doesn’t matter as long as I am walking the path of truth and light.

Staying my course with confidence has protected that tender little girl in the old barn window that has wanted and needed acceptance from others.

The window of your “old barn” is waiting for you to re-connect to your dreams and help guide you beyond your self-limiting beliefs.



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