Above and Beyond

SleepinginDarkRoomMy husband calls it quirks. I call it making a perfect cocoon for optimal sleeping.

It’s an ongoing “joke” about all the things I require to be able to sleep.

I really do need a room made “womb-like” or else I lay awake for hours and often, never fall asleep.

It’s an issue and one that I try to plan for when going to new places overnight.

I always bring my own pillow and make sure the room will be able to be properly darkened.

For the cleanse, I emailed ahead to make sure they would provide a fan in the room, since this is yet another one of my “must-haves” for sleeping.

To start the trip, I realized I had left my beloved pillow at home.  Once we got to the room, they let me know there were no fans available nor would they be available for the week.

Now, this may sound like a minor issue, but to me, it sent me into a bit of a panic and the knowledge that I was going to need to strategize how to get one.

However, we had other events planned and the night slipped by without any fans being found.breakoutbook

I had been reading a few books recently about the power of intention and praying specifically for what you need.

Fan1So, I went to the bell desk to inquire yet again about a fan.

Much to my pleasant surprise he came back with a brand new fan!

I was so blown away at the whole thing and was amazed at how it happened for me.Fan2

That is, until we got to the room, only to find 2 MORE fans in the room.

Dtty&JennyIt was so hysterical that my friend and I couldn’t quit laughing at how incredible the chain of events were and how quickly and surely the power of intention and prayer worked!

The icing on the cake was they had a pillow similar to mine and the room was pitch black!

If you are a womb-room person, you can appreciate my delight and the “seriousness” of the situation!

Today I want to send you joy and laughter on your journey with a reminder to set your INTENTIONS for what you desire.
The universe may just conspire to make it happen for you!!

May you be snuggly and comforted in your rest and may all your “fans” be brought to you 😉


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