When my neighbor and I were discussing the latest books we were reading, I didn’t realize how interesting things were about to get.

As I was in the final moments hurriedly making sure everything was in place before going “live” at our MIC season finale, my assistant gave me 2 books that my friend and neighbor, James, had just given him and insisted he get them to me.

_DSF0080“Really!?” I said as I was then carrying around 2 books on my rounds to answer questions, get everyone lined up and helping with sign in and product tables.

I set them down and they wound up at my house a few days later.
I had been planing to leave on a much needed rejuvenation cleanse the following week.

Before I left, I grabbed one of the books he had given me without really paying attention to the title or content.

I finally got situated on my Southwest seat, plugged in my tranquility music and grabbed my freshly gifted book.Breakout1

Ironically, the title was “Breakout”.

As a mom of 3 kids, and having spent the last few days on a camping trip with them and a grueling month schedule of planning and organizing events, and spinning a whole set of plates, I have been feeling like I was in need to break out!
Sitting on the plane, I opened up my book and the words written leapt off the pages at me.

Joel Osteen shared that it’s our time to breakout of the norm and into the extraordinary.

The breakout we really need is from our own limiting beliefs about what we feel about our lives and how they “should” be.

God has a plan for our lives to give us above and beyond what we ask or think. So it’s up to us to do our part to ask and believe!

This week as I begin to “breakout” from my normal routine of life, I know there will be challenges and times where I will want to quit and question what in the world I was thinking to do this crazy retreat and cleanse.
But I will push forward to move through the waves of doubt and hunger pains and detox symptoms to a place beyond where I feel I can go.

I want to encourage you as you are going through the trials or difficulties in your life, DO NOT GIVE UP!
There are blessings waiting for you!

Believe and know you are going to BREAK THROUGH to brighter days!

You are not alone on the journey!!

Walk with me!



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