Drastic Measures for Optimal Wellness

If you want to see drastic changes, you may need to make drastic measures.
I am a huge advocate for taking small steps as you are ready that will add up to huge strides to where you want to be.

DottyHamsterWheelBut there are times when the wheel of life you are running on goes so fast, that there doesn’t ever seem to be that golden opportunity to jump off to evaluate exactly what’s going on.

This was my situation over the last year.Juggling-mom3


I have been so busy with keeping up with kids, moms in charge and my general routine of life, that I began to notice that the me I am and really want to shine through has become clouded by those little choices.

I found myself slipping back into old habits, patterns, actions and even my health beginning to falter as well.

Patience has not been the biggest virtue and PMS seemed to get worse each month.

I joked that between, my period, PRE-pms then PMS, I was down to about one good week a month.

DottyPMSWhen you find yourself scheduling life around pms, you know there are serious issues that need to be addressed.
Dotty Grace Grove Aug 2011
Two and a half years ago when I hit the health/sick wall, I was led to a place called Grace Grove.

MEConf3It became my healing balm and through the process of a major guided cleanse, I felt liberated physically and emotionally to walk in my own path and passion.

Our bodies need to continued to be maintained and for me my mileage for a tune up had been seriously expired. 

Having the intention to be the healthiest version of yourself can and will open the doors to bring you to that place.

For me, Grace Grove has become a healing sanctuary that I am forever grateful for.
Although taking a week away from my family was a drastic choice, weighed in the balance of the alternative, it’s an investment in a higher quality of life for all of us.

Without me taking this time, I would be still struggling to keep the wheel turning and continuing on a path away from where I want to be.

Take the courage to evaluate your life.

Step back for a few moments and write down what is your reality and what you want it to look like.

***What things in your life  could change if YOU made a change?

***What is holding you back from being the healthiest version of you?

I encourage you to sit with these thoughts and make space in your life for the possibility of a new reality.

Little steps can take you a long way if you keep moving forward.

Drastic changes may be an option for you if you are ready.

DottyHealthyWomanEither way, YOU have a choice of what you want your life to be.

***When the time is right, you will begin to be led to the answers to creating what you need for this to happen.

Going through this process has transformed my life and my hope is to bring as much light to you as possible to inspire and encourage you on your journey!



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