The Gratitude Project

DottyTheSecretInspired by the book ” The Magic”,  I decided to take the author up on her 28 day gratitude journey.
Admittedly when I first read the title of the book I was leery of what it may be implying.

But much to my delight, the “magic” is in the words I TETRRF-00008718-001already tell my kids to use but have never really thought through what that really meant nor what I was really saying.

When we tell our kids the magic words are please and thank you, we are usually referring to the fact that they aren’t getting what they want or keeping it until they say them.

What the author points out in her book is this principle actually is universal and applies to every area of our lives.

When we begin to look at what we DO have instead of what we wish we had and give thanks for those things,  we can literally change our environment, mood and life.

I did not realize how ungrateful and negative I had become until I realized how much I wasn’t being grateful for.

In our culture we have so much we take for granted from running water, warm bed and access to so many resources.

Beyond our basic needs,  there is also so much more we often pass over in counting our blessings.

Imagine how those around us would feel and change inside if we began to point out the things they do everyday that we usually take for granted and instead express our genuine gratitude.

DottyPositiveConversationEven if we just picked out one thing we are grateful for with each person in our lives, this daily practice could change atmosphere and direction of our relationships.

Instead of complaining about our job, body, or others that irritate us, begin to find something positive and focus on that.

DottyEnergyBy speaking positive words, we can literally shift the energy and change the reality.

This happens because as we do this our attitude also begins to change and all kinds of cool energetic things also begin happening around us.
So, I have challenged myself to this “magical”  journey to see what will happen as I change my perspective to gratefulness instead of whining or being ungrateful about what I’m not thrilled about.

DottyFootstepsOnSandJoin me on the Gratitude Journey!

This is a guaranteed positive experience!

With Love and Gratitude,


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