I was complaining and doing my normal whining while I was going through figuring out my internal “stuff” during my cleanse.

SONY DSCMy complaint was about my house.
Although I love and appreciate my home, I was sharing that I really didn’t feel like I had a place that felt completely safe and inspired me in my home. 

I am a writer and creator so I was feeling bummed out and stuck that I didn’t have that complete sanctuary.DottyPityParty
I know, cry me a river!
I was seriously having an my own silly pity  party about this. 

DottyTheSecretA few days later, I picked up a book about gratitude and it began shining light into those dark ungrateful places in my heart I had created.
It talked about those “magic words” we always tell our kids they have to say to receive. Please AND THANK YOU!

DottySunRaysWhen I returned from my amazing Sedona journey I had softened my soul and began the practice of gratitude.  My home suddenly became more beautiful and everything around me seemed brighter and better.

The next day I went into my far infra red sauna, which is a HUGE BLESSING.  It’s a tranquil space with the perfect music of my choosing, and lit with the hue of color to fit my mood.

I began writing in it as I usually do.
I suddenly realized my inspirational sanctuary had been there all along but I was too fixated on what I felt I DIDN’T have to see what was right in front of me!

It was like I had a major revelation right there in my small cedar box!

Isn’t this like our daily lives? We are always searching for that “something”, in our search, we miss the blessings that we have already been given.

DottyOutsideSanctuaryToday, as I was thinking of this, I pulled up in my driveway and begin to write.  The sun was shining perfectly on the bricked drive, warming them
For me as I sat down by the little flowers and rose bushes growing in my front yard.
Instead of walking by it everyday on my way to find a place to be inspired, I sat down and began counting my blessings and write this message to you and mostly to me.

This is a reminder for each of us to slow down enough to be grateful for what we have already been blessed with. As we practice gratitude, our eyes will begin to perceive our surroundings differently.

I didn’t arrive to a new home or having a new outdoor sanctuary with waterfalls and butterfly draped flowers surrounding me.

DottyContentmentBut, what did change was ME and my attitude! And the result was discovering a beautiful sanctuary waiting for me and a much happier joyful heart!

What can you begin to be grateful for today instead of complaining about?

How would life look differently if you began to count your blessings instead of your complaints?


You have everything you need RIGHT NOW to fill your heart with happiness and contentment!

You are the master artist on the canvas of your life!

Begin your gratitude journey today and find your sanctuary of peace!




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