For a few years I’ve been signing “Blessings” before my name.

DottyWomanWritingI never really sat down and thought out exactly what my intention was behind writing that.

I knew I wanted it to have an intention of blessing for those I was sending a message to. But, what did it REALLY mean?DottyDaliLama

Blessing actually means “invoking divine favor and conferring well-being or prosperity”.

I have come to really feel this word in my heart to be a true prayer and desire for those I come in contact with.

DottySelfBlameBlessings dissolve negativity and bring love and abundance.
I have realized that I have not signed my own letters to myself with “Blessings”, but rather with “Judging You” and “You just can’t ever get it right”.

Subsequently, my reality has been my own inner conflict of feeling insecure and unworthy and seeking approval in order to feel I am making all the right decisions.

Today, I began to really “get” what the word blessing means and blessing myself without feeling guilty about it.

After all, in order to really give blessings and love, we have to feel them for ourselves.DottyMindShift

Admittedly, it feels awkward to think about myself in this way, but I have determined to shift my thinking to a positive mindset.

As I signed an email this evening I thought about what I was REALLY saying as I signed ” Blessings”.

I imagine them having favor, well being and prosperity and my heart is full of LOVE!

Are you being intentional to send yourself a “Blessing” at the end of messages you send yourself?

Are you ready to have your life be a positive reflection of your salutations?

**Begin getting CLEAR about what you want to have brought into your life.

**Make a new practice of signing your internal dialogue letters with a genuine blessing to yourself!

Watch the genuine blessings begin to pour into your life as you bless others and yourself!

Blessings 😉

Dotty Sunshine


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