The weather report called for rain today.

Last evening I began to hear the wind making the most beautiful sounds through the trees. From a soft whisper to a more commanding voice…Walking out by the garden, the fruit trees, not yet blooming seemed to be so free, swaying, moving with the rhythm of the power of the wind’s breath…No fighting the force of the cleansing air, as it swept away the debris from the springtime pollen and cottonwood, moving it onward to complete its course of life.

The force of the wind blew the clouds in a different direction, for when I awakened, the sun rays were shining beautifully up through the trees and a tree had bloomed in the garden.

In my experience this week, I am learning the value of trusting.
To go with the truth, not resist what is best for me, even though in my mind it may seem logical to do.

He has a plan.  I just need to learn to listen to His words and the body He gave me as a gift on this earth so I can complete my purpose while I’m here.

Trust…as Mary went to the tomb early that Sunday morning…the instructions were clear.
” Do not be afraid!”
“He is not here, He is risen as He said.” Matt 28:5-6

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