The Warning Light

DottyLincolnMy driver had  picked me up in his old blue Lincoln Town car.

An interesting thin hippy looking guy was in the front seat and I noticed he was straining to look at something on the drivers console.DottyOdometer

About that time he exclaimed, does that REALLY have over 600 THOUSAND miles on this car?

The old driver proudly shared “We take real good care of our cars and they last a LONG time.

That’s when it hit me.

There was such a huge lesson in what he said and that was exactly WHY I was taking the time away from my family, business, and life.

I needed to go to the “repair shop”, get a diagnostic evaluation to find out what was causing the light to come on inside of me.

It was also necessary to get the tools and expert assistance needed to get me to a place of optimal performance.

Check engine lightWithout me doing something about the warning lights instead of just turning them off, I KNEW I was on the road to breaking down.

We are each responsible for our own health.

We have to be the ones aware of our caution lights.

If we continue to ignore the signals our bodies are giving us, we will eventually begin to wear ourselves out, and render our amazing potential ineffective.

DottyCircleStoneWhat YOU CAN DO:

Answer these questions:

What warning lights have you been ignoring?

What small step today can you take toward getting to your own personal service shop?



**You ARE worth it!

**LOSE the guilt!

** Your own awareness and taking time for YOU is NECESSARY for you and whoever counts on you!


In your corner,


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