One Inspirational Journey Part 2


BlueSkyThe sunshine was out in all it’s glory today without being shielded by any clouds, beaming through a crisp clear deep blue sky.

All week the weather has been in harmony with the flow of emotions I’ve been going through.

Coming back to Grace Grove meant having to say goodbye to my daily life and all it’s demands and come to discover what was keeping me in a place of fear and doubt.

For the last few years I have has blessings beyond compare.

I have enjoyed a wonderful healthy life.

But underneath the outer facade were deeper issues I continued to avoid.

Issues that became unbearable and began affecting every part of my life.

This week has been an adventure in discovery.

Before I left, the weather report said there were going to be thunderstorms all week.

Since I had been on a cleanse there before, I became anxious and thought maybe this was a mistake to go this week and considered changing to a different one.

DottyKissingCarsonMy son was so concerned because he’s frightened by storms and didn’t want me to go.

My husband dismissed the whole anxiety/doubt mess and assured me I needed to go…

Flying into Phoenix, the Captain told us we were coming into cloudy conditions.Dottyonplane

I was at peace with the clouds and actually welcomed their covering the sun and bringing with them a grey hue that seemed to match my mood.

I knew as I rode down the isolated highway, that this past of my journey was going to take me places I had yet to discover.

DottyandCloudsThe clouds hung heavily over the backdrop of the desert mountains in the distance, beckoning me to move forward without fearing what they would bring.

Journey with me to find your own personal place of discovery through the storms of your life. 




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