A Day of Rest

I awoke today to gloomy skies. A chill filled the air. The sun had hidden her face behind grey clouds.

Around Grace Grove there was a quietness, a stillness.

I felt the need for warmth…

It was explained to us that the process of cleansing makes your temperature lower and gives a cold feeling throughout your body.

The cleansing process is now in full swing and I am feeling it in every fiber of my being.

I found my spot on a yoga mat with my morning juice, close to the beautiful natural fireplace. The warmth of the hot embers penetrated down to my core and as I began to breathe in the stillness, it all seemed surreal.

Today is the Sabbath.  After Jesus’ body was prepared after His death, the women who loved him rested.

I can only imagine how cold and dark that Sabbath must have been…Their hope seemingly lost, sorrow and pain filling their hearts, but they didn’t forget to observe the day… they still had hope.

They were not aware of what was happening on their behalf while they rested.

Jesus was getting ready to manifest their healing…true cleansing…true peace.
He was taking back the keys to hell and death…

Today as I rest, I do so with the hope.  Hope that the clouds will part, the sun will shine her bright light to warm me…Hope that while I may not understand all that is happening  in my body as I take this time to cleanse, there will be a beautiful result that I will soon behold.

I also have a spiritual hope…And that is where true light and life abides…

“While we look not at the things that are seen…but at the things that we can’t see…the things we can see are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”
2 Cor. 4:18

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