By the Skin of My Teeth

Ever feel like u just missed a big catastrophe by a second?Today I felt I was faced with a huge decision.

My visit with Dr. Pana was to evaluate my wayward tooth to see the next course of action.

He did an X-ray, examined my teeth, did muscle testing and showed me the sad news.

My root was dying on #30 and furthermore, the tooth underneath was fractured.

Although he shared previously that a root canal could possibly be done in a “clean way”, I now saw that that road was closed.

Since he wouldn’t be back in the office until 3 more weeks, I needed to make a hard, fast decision on what I wanted to do now.

He would rearrange his schedule and pull it then or I could wait.

Since he has a very specific and conservative protocol for extractions and post-op, this would mean NO TALKING for 24 hours, and strict rest for 3 days.. And no running around after kids.

Well, since we were at the weekend with no help and 3 kids, including my son, Carson, with pneumonia, Sheridan, 3, and in need of calming remedies and a watchful eye 24/7, and Charla, with her asundry of needs, this was going to be next to impossible.

Here I was, in tears again!
I called my husband with the run down.

We figured out a way to make it happen.. But I was so unsettled and upset, so I backed out until later.

My dentist was very supportive and he gave me IV vitamins, minerals and homeopathy support.

Then he injected my jaw with ozone gas.

I wasn’t quite expecting what was coming.

He had to numb me then insert a needle that would be attached to a syringe with ozone and then slowly inject until I felt a burning in my jaw..

What started as a brief visit turned into a 4 hour lovely time.

Other patients came and went, as my IV dripped into my arm.

Although it seems a bit crazy to have all this going on, I feel a peace about my decision to wait.

My mama always told me, “when in doubt; DON’T”. So, I didn’t.

I don’t know if this means I will have a miraculously healed tooth or I’ll just be more mentally, emotionally and physically ready for the extraction, but I sat there feeling a sense of calm.

I was overjoyed with my decision when I got a text message from my MIC Operations Manager and an email stating that our much anticipated 501c3 status had been granted!

I can only imagine trying to keep my mouth shut and be quiet after that!!

It was certainly a time for celebration all around…

My times are in His hands, and SO are MY TEETH!!

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