The Creditors are “Knocking”

Ever been in so much pain and discouraged that you couldn’t talk about it?
Well, my last dental experience left me down and without words.

Driving home in 3pm traffic on the 5 freeway from LA, I was actually grateful for the “parking lot” of cars crawling along at a snail’s pace.

The pain of my tooth the dentist had so valiantly been trying to save was pulsating in my head and I was so overwhelmed with tears and emotion that I could barely see to drive.

Dr . Pana had removed the temporary crown from the last visit from #30 to get the impression for the permanent crown.  He had been unable to get one the last time due to bleeding.

However, there wasn’t any luck on this round of tries either.

The nerve of the tooth was so raw that I could feel shooting darts down into my jaw as the air was blown on my tooth to dry it out.

Even after several re-numbing shots, I couldn’t bear much more, so he replaced another temporary crown over what was left of my tooth.

Overwhelmed with the pain, the huge possibility that I’d need it removed and the gravity of all the other teeth still waiting to be dealt with, tears began streaming down my face…

We had a family trip planned in 3 days so the doctor gave me an option of extracting the tooth in the am or having the nerve removed until I could get the tooth removed on my return.

Both options seemed dismal.
I left the office defeated and in pain.

My slow drive home in 3 o’clock LA traffic was a blessing in disguise as I could barely see through the pain and the tears.

I decided I needed this tooth out ASAP, I made all the arrangements.

When I got home 2.5 hours later, the pain subsided and I resorted to taking a med I hadn’t taken in 2 years: Ibuprofen.

I felt so much better that I cancelled my tooth extraction, took a shower and headed for the Women’s Wellness Conference that I had been so looking forward to.

Although this journey is long, painful and costly, it’s “pay-day” for me.

When you don’t understand how important your teeth are as a living organ in your body to care for and you get dental work by those who don’t understand this, it’s setting yourself up for a later payment.

It may defer it for a while, but one day the creditor will come knocking.

For me “he” has been knocking loudly through many systemic symptoms in my health for years.

But since I have feared the dentist (for good reason), I have continued to avoid dealing with it.

It caused the issues to go deeper into my actual teeth and systemic health.

It’s more than worth it now to me since I’ve found a dentist who understands and is in the cutting edge of the tooth-body connection.

So, I will keep steady on the journey toward vibrant health, one TOOTH at a time…

I made it to our family mountain top experience without incidence… But I have come back to the valley to continue to pay my tooth debts.

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