Regaining Strength

Exhausted from the dentist chair marathon, I made my way back on the 405 S to home.

I tried showing my husband my portfolio, but he was way to freaked out to look at the lovely colorful pics of what once were parts of my teeth and the reality of what has been going on inside behind my smile.

So, after downing shots of probiotics and chlorella,

off to bed I went to try to rest and heal the inflamed and mad gums that had just been through the “ringer”.

As I laid there I felt my heartbeat in my teeth... #30 was talking to me and I talked down the fear that tried to grip me. The novacaine had worn off and the manipulation that had occurred in my teeth was very apparent by the pain I began to feel.   Dr. Pana had explained that sensitivity to hot and cold were ok, but any pulsing in my teeth were not a good sign…

He told me to let it calm down before I went into full panic mode… so I prayed.

When I woke up in the morning, I was so pleasantly surprised that my pain was gone.  I had a tad of soreness, enough to let me know I didn’t need to push it too hard so I could let my body heal itself.

I took it easy throughout the day and rested my mouth.  I was amazed how much more mentally alert I was feeling.  The discomfort in my body that plagues me on an ongoing basis, especially in the morning has begun to greatly diminish.

It is interesting how someone can live with so much pain and suffering and the human spirit is able to deal with it to continue to function.  However the beautiful part is when a solution is found that can give you back your vitality.

For me, I have intuitively always know that my mouth

has been the “root” cause of many of my underlying health issues.

However, my fear of dentists and the scary dental history had kept me captive for so many years, allowing a deepening of my decay and seepage of toxins into my bloodstream.

The “silver lining” (pun intended):) is that if I wouldn’t have had that fear, I would have gone ahead and had a dentist who had no idea of how to properly deal with these serious issues, and may have made a bad situation even worse.

Therefore, I am truly grateful for the journey.. I am looking at each situation that has led me to this place as a blessing.  For in each step, there is purpose.  In each trial there is triumph and in each pain there is peace.

This is teaching me lessons that I would have never known without going through each phase.  My hope is that as I share my story that others will find their inner strength to take the steps they need to make healthy happen in their mouths and bodies.

As I went to yoga tonight,

I felt more strength as I held each pose, breathing through the tough moments.  I draw from these sessions to help me push forward and continue to get stronger so I can be the best version of me possible.

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