YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? The Dental Surprises Continue

You have got to be kidding me?
It feels like a comedy of errors !
Yes, even the leader of Moms in Charge’s kids can get sick.
My oldest daughter came down with the dreaded flu bug.
She begged me to stay home with her instead of making the trip to the dentist.
Of course, I wouldn’t leave her with a fever and feeling crummy, so I cancelled my appointment.

This was the start of a series of “Are you kidding me?” situations…

I rescheduled for a Saturday, or at least I thought, until I got the call from Dr. Pana  on Thursday that it was really Friday!

Plans rearranged and off to LA I went.

I was actually excited because I thought we were just popping on my new permanent zirconium crown and then moving to the left side of my mouth to undo the mess of the 3 crowns that another dentist had made.

Greeted by my kind Dr.  and his staff, I made my way back to my chair.

I didn’t know how much more comfy I would be getting with it throughout the day.

“Look at this beauty”, Dr. Pana said as he showed me my new shiny tooth.
I was excited to have phase 1 all wrapped up and on to the next.

Until… “I’m not happy.” Not exactly the words you want to hear when you have you tooth nub exposed.
The lab didn’t make the new crown perfectly.
You have got to be kidding me!
We had to make new impressions and on he went to fix the adjacent teeth.
Wait, what?? There were spots that looked like small stains or little cavities,

but when he began the drilling they were actually huge caverns of decay;(
In the process of making new impressions for the crown, an old crown from years past on the bottom came off.. Really?
Dr. Pana snapped a pic for me.
“Do you see what is under there?”
My tooth was completely covered with mercury.
So, plans changed to continue on the right side of my mouth.
So much for those 3 pesky crowns I had been looking forward to getting fixed! Grrrr!

The decay had been brewing under this crown and filling for apparently a long time, leaving the dentist working very hard to save it through many tedious steps.

Even after it was all “cleaned UP”, it still looked like a mess!


I clung to my iPod and cranked up the praise music as the mercury removal adventure continued and more work ensued to free me from the chains of this “safe metal”.
When it was all said and done, I logged close to 6 hours in “my dental chair”, 3 temporary crowns 3 fillings and 3 mercury fillings removed! Oh, and a dead IPod even before the drilling stopped!
What a day!!
I found myself a bit dazed as i made my way to MAKE, a raw food restaurant. here- They poured me some raw food love and life in a glass and kept it coming with anti-inflammatory juices like pineapple, cilantro, oranges and tumeric.


They added in a smoothie packed with detoxifying ingredients like spirulina, kale, peppers and coconut ) to name a few) to help pull out the heavy metals from my body that were released during the procedure.
I was graced with the most delicious fermented dumplings that are packed with probiotics to deal with the bacterial release from my mouth.

Although, my dentist used the most strict protocols and precautions to remove mercury and decay, it’s impossible not to have some seepage into the body.

I believe that using the life-giving foods from our earth, we can help our body rid itself of these and help it heal.

So, my journey continues.
I am now OFFICIALLY MERCURY FREE on my right side!!  And my teeth are starting to “take


shape” and become beautiful!
This is huge for me and although I’m in pain right now from all the manipulation of my gums and mouth, I have confidence and belief in a full recovery and better yet, the VIBRANT HEALTH restored!

I wil continue my protocol of 10 chlorella tabs before meals, coconut oil pulling and ill try chewing and brushing with chlorella, too, although that seems like a green mess!
I see how it goes.
Cilantro on and in as much as possible and increase glutathione!

For now, I wait out this storm.. They say its always dark before the dawn, so I’ll be even more grateful when the light breaks through!

Here’s to prevention because the ” if you play you pay” rule is WAY too painful and costly!!

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