Steps Forward

Continuing my journey :

I went back to the dentist a week after the first appointment.

He restructured the temporary crown to minimize the irritation.
I also got a new “appliance” to wear.

The pokes, the drills, the tastes, the pulls; the dentist is still not my favorite place to be; especially since I left the pristine setting of the Montage on a blue clear day at the beach to go.

But, I’ve put my health above the temporary pleasures and I’m doing what I can to feel my best.

Wearing this new plastic device on my mouth is not the most fun, but it’s bearable and it’s helping shift my bite and ultimately my well-being.

The journey continues, with a temporary lisp.

The next phase is coming up next week… Until then, I start a gentle reset of my body, getting my diet completely clean, to coincide with my church’s yearly fast.  To learn about the fast, click HERE.

Use this New Year time to set your intention to be the healthiest version of your awesome self!

Dotty 😉

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