A Bump in the Road

A few days after my first phase  of removing mercury from my mouth, I had sensitivity and food was getting stuck in between the new filling and temporary crown, causing tenderness.

I called my dentist who reassured me that based on my symptoms it was ok and gave guidelines for when to call him back

My mom, being the concerned and caring mom she is, sent me a message with her concern and information about a situation of a woman who got Lou Gherig’s disease from mercury extractions.

She went on to say that dentists who remove mercury are basically quacks just trying to bilk people out of money by doing unnecessary procedures and  also causing people to get very sick in the process.

I will give huge credibility to fact that this lady got very sick from Mercury removal.

However, the fact of the matter is, mercury is very dangerous and should be treated with every precaution and respect possible.

The main issue is: Mercury IS HIGHLY TOXIC and that is why it is so scary to take it out.

If not done with a meticulous protocol by a highly trained and educated dentist, it could seriously poison the body.

If we think this through logically for a moment it may help us to see beyond propaganda.

Mercury is so toxic, that it’s one of the most volitile elements on the table. It’s so toxic that you could be poisoned and get Lou Gherig’s disease or worse by extracting them.  They must be disposed of carefully into a biohazard waste when removed and YET, it is supposed to be completely safe to go into our mouths, even though, it’s one of the most highly absorbable places in our bodies.

Mainstream “standard of care” believes it’s so safe, that we put this in developing children’s mouths.  Most buy into a belief that because it is somehow nestled in their enamel that it miraculously becomes safe and non-toxic??

There is so much history behind the evolution of mercury placed in teeth, but most of us have no idea and trust those entrusted with our healthcare.
Unfortunately, there is much more to the story.

The deal is unexplained illnesses are miraculously disappearing after this toxic poison is safely removed!

If others are not diligent about their oral care or have been scared away from the dentist chair and now have decay with their mercury, you can believe that the mercury is seeping at greater rates directly into their bloodstreams and the myriad of symptoms they can cause are wide ranging.

I believe, as with anything, there are those who jump on a band wagon to make a buck and take advantage of fear and new info.

This article my mom sent was connected with “Quackwatch”, which I have found out is funded by a prominent insurance company.

There is a lot at stake to keep the present “standard of dental care” intact. Unfortunately, many who are doing the right things and care about helping others by offering safe ways to regain their health are being wrongly and viciously attacked to protect their income streams.

In my particular situation, I have intuitively felt for years that my teeth were a part of the cause of my declining health including chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, mood and hormone issues and other personality disturbances.

I am thankful I have been led to truth and a place where I can get the help needed to bring me closer to the vibrant health I work so hard for.

What most don’t realize is that no matter how clean and organic their diet is, including the best and latest superfoods and supplements, if you don’t get to the root of the issue and remove it, you are simply layering bandages covering what is laying in wait to sabotage even the best healthy efforts.

This is precisely why I am taking the enormous amount of time out from my already full schedule to take this as a slow process and travel to see the best dentist I have found.

So, I encourage you and everyone to step back and think it through, find your own truth in this light and walk in it to more vibrant health. 

Listen to the interview I did with Nadine Artemis, author of Successful Self Dentistry and warrior for truth in dental care and practices! -Listen Here- 

Nadine Artemis was a part of the Moms In Charge Teleconference Summit that was created to help moms take a day for themselves and be empowered to live vibrantly.

Hugs and Blessings

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