Here I Go…

Here I go…

I woke up this morning really wanting to hug my kids and smell their sweet skin as I held them.

Charla and Carson were downstairs and I got infused with love and comfort from them.

Knowing what I had to face today loomed in my mind. But their snuggles began to melt away the anxiety.

It was a nice time to explain that mommy was going to start getting her teeth fixed. Their little minds couldn’t grasp the depth of what has and will transpire, nor did I go into all the details.

But, it led us in a conversation that they could relate to and one that I felt was so valuable to help connect some dots.

The “dots” of why I am so diligent and cared so much about their food choices and them sometimes getting frustrated and not understanding WHY they couldn’t just have what everyone else was munching on began to connect.

I explained that the reason mommy had to go through a lot of dental work that wasn’t going to be fun was because my mommy did not know what we were eating and how we took care of our teeth were so important.

Now, because I understand, I want to do what I can so they never have to go through the pain of cavities and fillings and not feeling their best!

It wasn’t my mommy’s fault, she just didn’t know.
We are all responsible for the information we have been given.

It is now up to me to do what I can to empower my children with information in the most creative and interactive ways to help them understand how their food and other choices can impact their health.

With little ones, this is challenging, but it starts with us.

First, we must know, believe and walk in the truth.
Being the example and the leader for our kids will lay the foundation for them to follow and build upon.

So, this morning I begin my walk…

All kids kissed and hugged, all arrangements have been made for school pick up and my husband has arranged a car to take me to help “just in case”.

I feel grateful, nervous and hopeful…

Here I go…

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