Show Me Your Way

The paths of our life sometimes seem dimly lit as we try to see which way to step.

There’s so much noise,  so many opinions.

There’s beauty in stillness.

This morning as I was stretching in the beautiful sunlit ” yoga barn” with this group of wonderful people,  I got still.

Its an art that I have not been an artist of. With 3 little kids a household to run, my school, career and on top of it my borderline ADD type A personality, it doesn’t create quite the space to listen…

That’s one of my goals for why I’m here.

Our health is not just about what we eat. Its so much more.

I’m learning this.

At the end of the class, the teacher encouraged us to ask God to ” Show me your way”.

His way is brightly lit. There is no stumbling.  Its the peaceful way.

I am learning to make the space to be still…

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