The Last Supper

It was a painful time to know what was to come.
But He had eagerly desired to have this special meal with His friends.

Its Passover and ironically I am getting ready to have what they call here, “The Last Supper”. After tonight we will deny ourselves any solid food for the sake of cleansing our liver and ultimately our bodies.
As I reflect on this parallel, I am acutely reminded of the Journey Jesus was getting ready to go on.

He knew the pain that was to come, but chose it willingly.
Not to cleanse us physically but spirituality.
He knew it was the only way.

Tonight as I enjoy my “last supper “, I will eat it and remember the One who made a way for me…for everyone.

I have anxious excitement about these next 6 days of physical cleansing.

With gratitude…..I accept His cup of true cleansing…

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