Oh, Me of Little Faith

Bags packed, tickets in hand, time to go home for the holidays…

Our plane trip went fairly well if you take into consideration traveling with a 2 and 4 year old across the country. It is a daunting yearly voyage, but one we look forward to with mixed feelings about the journey. Although there is excitement about seeing my family and getting the cousins together, the day long trip takes its toll on everyone.

The lady sitting in front of my “sweet” 2 year old had been visibly frustrated the entire plane trip. I can’t say that I blamed her, but it only added to my frustration. We landed safely and Sheridan had been calm and perfect as we approached the gate. As we were taxi-ing down the runway, she informed me her hair bow had “mysteriously” found its way to where the tray table was folded inside of the arm rest. As the plane came to a stop and her incessant pleading for me to retrieve the lost bow continued, I decided to see if it was possible. In the process of trying to get it out, her little baby face got an accidental smack as I tried to pull out the snugly folded tray table. This was the catalyst for “things gone bad” which were about to occur. Of course, as you can only imagine, the weeping and gnashing of teeth that ensued made me feel certain the lady in front of us was casting spells on us as the mayhem continued.

I quickly picked up Sheridan to console her while trying to gather all the items we had scattered throughout our seats. My little girl recovered, sporting a nice red whelp and fresh cut on her sweet little cheek just in time to go see my mom and dad for the holidays!

Fast forward to baggage claim…

As we finally arrived, eager to retrieve our luggage and begin the next two hour leg of our journey, I felt that nauseating wave of adrenaline as a burst of panic surged through my body. I realized, I did not have my purse!

My husband and son were still in the terminal and I quickly called to see if they could help.
All the while, I was grabbing our bags off the carousel and trying to maneuver Sheridan from another certain injury. The saga continued for two more hours as I went from various lost and found areas, to security, and even the police!

Distraught and now in complete hysteria, I thought the very worst scenario.

We decided we should get the kids to our destination, since they had been as patient through the “crisis” as possible. Dejected and defeated, I left with my family… without the belongings that all of us dread losing!

The baby, being only two, was behaving as best as could be expected. I on the other hand had completely lost perspective and did not handle the stress of a two hour trip with whining and crying as perhaps I should have. Thankfully, my husband must have been given extra doses of grace, patience and love and proceeded to extend all three to both kids and even me!


My mom, being the prayer warrior she is, had been believing for total recovery and welcomed us with kind, loving arms into their beautiful new home. I wish I could say I believed along with her and my usually skeptical husband  but, I felt all was lost! I told them if it was found, it would definitely be a “Tebow” thing!

After countless attempts to call and check in with the lost and found and police, I completely gave up. By the morning, I was really down and still so upset by the whole situation!! I hated the drama it caused, the way I was impatient with my kids and how much inconvenience it was going to cause.

In the shower I began to pray and say I believed they would find it; only I didn’t believe it, not for one minute!

My “rock” (husband, of course) stayed strong and assured me again that the purse and one other item I later realized I had left were going to be found and all would be intact.

At 11:00 am, I got a call. On the other end I heard the sweetest lady’s voice. She informed me that they had my purse and other item at lost and found!

I have to say this incident (masked as both an opportunity and a test) has taught me many lessons.

I realized that DRAMA HAPPENS!  Things don’t always go as planned. The reaction to stressful, dramatic events reveals more truth about who we are than the smooth sailing roads reveal. It also was a beautiful opportunity to have someone else be there for me who didn’t judge or condemn me, but rather gave me grace and had faith for me. This crazy experience opened my heart to love and appreciate my husband even more.


This holiday season may bring some unexpected inconveniences or trials.

My prayer for all of us is that through the difficulties, we will be strengthened with grace and faith and know that there is a greater purpose, and that may be to test our character and then to find out where we put our faith.

May “oh me of little faith” be replaced with hope and joy in this journey called life!

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  1. Jerri Tuck says:

    Absolutely LOVED this article Dotty…you ARE married to an amazing man.

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