All about the “O.N.E.s”

Awakened by little ones, eager to start the day at the crack of dawn, “mommy, mommy ! Get up!”

It’s music to the ears to hear their little voices, that is, in a June Cleaver world.

However, on my birthday, wanting to catch a few more last little bits of the sleep cycle was not really the sound I wanted to hear at that moment.
But, I seized the precious moment, counting the blessings of my little ones’ cold little feet, pulling them under the covers with me to warm up and snuggle with me for a few wiggly minutes as I greeted the first day of my 41st year.

Forty was a year of major change for me.
I was rocked to my core by personal health challenges that made me take a long look in the mirror, ask some tough questions and if I was willing to actually do what it would take to make the real changes for my health and for my kids’ well-being.

For years I purposefully kept my head in the sand.

Since I knew I wasn’t ready to look into the light of truth and then have to be responsible for the information I learned, I took an intentional blind eye to discover things that would create real health.

I wasn’t ready.

I was bound by my own fears, comforts and habits.

When I finally got sick and tired enough, I began to unclench my fists that held on to my old desires and patterns.

Although it wasn’t an easy task, the alternative path of least resistance was mired with more hidden and disguised challenges.

I remember laying in bed, unable to move, and feeling so helpless, calling my mom from Georgia to fly out to help me.

I knew that if I made  it through that illness, I would do whatever it took to stay well and to find ways to stop the sick cycle in my home.

Out of the ashes I seemed to leap into full force ahead, cleansing, making changes, empowering and teaching my kids, walking a brand new path with them.

Although it seemed foreign and scary at times, we kept moving forward, using the tools along the way to help us over the pot holes and steep hills.

Today as I reflect over this last year, and where we were when the big 4.0. hit, to where we are now at the “0.N.E. Over”, it feels like getting to the top of a hill on the a long journey.

It’s the exhilaration of relief of a triumph of at least one “leg” of the journey  after pedaling hard against resistance; challenges of a new way of eating, family and friends not being so sure how to handle our new choices, and continued media, school and kids’ party and holiday traditional food pressures.

Finding new and creative ways to handle these situations have often felt like an uphill battle, but today we are all at a much healthier place and I am determined now more than ever to continue my resolve without apologies.

Its a personal mission to search for more ways to add in more yummy healthy ingredients and to give us all more grace as we are figuring it all out together.

I believe there are many more moms out there like me.

Wanting healthier options, but feeling intimidated and often unsupported by those closest;  unsure which way to turn for answers.

The Forty “O.N.E.” factor for me this year will be something I will strive to lead more moms to as well as making it easier to have access to leading a O.N.E. Lifestyle, so our little “Ones” will reap the benefits of a healthy, vibrant life!

May we all be blessed with many early morning “interruptions” of joyful little voices, with us feeling energetic and ready for the challenges 😉


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