I wasn’t the A student growing up. I was actually one who learned differently than many of my peers and the manner in which most of my teachers taught.

So, since I had better things to do, like socialize , my grades sadly reflected it.

I’ve found out that my best learning experiences have come from having encounters with people along my path.

I’ve heard it said that what you attract,  you reflect.
That sounds deep and pensive,  but I’m starting to believe there may be some truth in it.

The airport scene was going smoothly.  I got to hang out a few minutes with my baby before saying goodbye and going through security. I was feeling relaxed and excited.

Then came the security line. I was led to a short line that merged with another one. From here the security officer sits to “validate”.

This is where the “not so A student ” thing comes in.

It was my turn to go get the proverbial stamp of approval.

As I got there, I heard the lady on the opposite line say a “not so nice word” about me.

Its at this point that an “A”student would have said ” Oh, I’m sorry, did I cut in front of you? I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that or upset you.”

Wouldn’t That have been sweet?  I am certain that would have brightened both of our days. I’m certain the sheer shock of that reply would have been like “heaping coals of fire on her head “,killing her with kindness.

Oh, how I would love to say that that was the scenario.
But the B sometimes C student in me turned around to look her in the eye to say “Excuse me? ” Then proceeded to educate her on proper line etiquette and inform her if she wanted to say something to me, do it to my face and look at me, not to my back.
Just when I started feeling good about the strong woman I was, I quickly got my grade from my “Teacher”.
Oh no! Not again! This time a “D”!?!

I listened to my inner voice instruct me. I am just like my oldest daughter and never want to hear it!
But I did…loud and clear.

I immediately  realized what a positive difference I could have made in both of our days and in those we both touched after the little “test”. I have no idea how that may have soured her day and those around her.
Instead I could have sprinkled the sugar of kindness and been just  the “sweetener”  she and others may have needed.

But more than that, I also realized she was reflecting how I am so often. In a hurry, irritated if things don’t go my way.  Passive aggressive in dealing with issues that bother me.


Thanks,Teacher for opening my eyes and changing me from the inside out!

Please bless that lady today with your love and peace!
And may I begin to be a reflection of You instead of me!

“Pleasant words are like honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

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