The Superhero Costume

It’s that time of year again.
Yes, it’s fall, but around my house, it’s all about the costumes.

Although most days are costume days for my little boy, the intensity has greatly increased.

It seems like every other day he comes up with a new character he wants to be for Halloween. Then, he obsesses about getting the costume, when it will be here, and when he can put it on.

I can remember my own desire be Wonder Woman when I was a little girl.

We didn’t have much money growing up, nor was there a Costume Castle, Party City or the internet to order one, so my Mom lovingly sewed and created my very own Wonder Woman costume.

I can honestly say that putting on that superhero attire was one of the best days of my life.
I was so excited and felt so powerful and strong as if I could take on the world.

I wonder what our fascination is with putting on costumes.  Perhaps it’s becoming a different persona.  Or it may be to hide from who we really are and pretend to be someone else who’s more courageous and better than we perceive ourselves to be.

While at church the other day, a piece of paper fell out of my bible.  On it was scribbled a vision I had to start a group to lead moms and kids to become empowered regarding health and wellness.  It was dated April 17th, 2011.

From an idea and passion stemming from my own health struggles and learning to make the changes necessary for myself and my kids to live a vibrantly healthy life, this idea has come to the reality of where I am at this moment.

This week will be the official launch of this vision I had sitting in church one day…

MOMS IN CHARGE is this group I dreamed could be the start of moms taking their rightful place and taking charge of the course of their kids’ health.

As the day approaches, I must say that I can relate to my little son who always wants to put on a superhero costume.

I can remember the feeling I had as that little girl, needing my costume to feel strong enough to take on the challenges of what may come against me.

Although my Mom has assured me that her new sewing machine is ready and she would gladly make me a new costume, I know that this time, no physical costume will be needed.

However, I have been asking God to help weave my internal garment of courage and strength to help me to lead these amazing women who are willing to step out and take CHARGE to “Change the Shape of our Future.”

I believe that although a costume may help with comic relief on the day of our launch, what will be most helpful is the faith and passion that comes deep from my soul.

May we all know that we all have superpowers within us and know that together we are strong and can accomplish great things.

Now, where did I put my cape?!

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