The Mirror

I love the idea of having new clothes. But going shopping for them and specifically trying them on is always a dread for me.

I  am not sure what it is about those mirrors…
Maybe it’s the lighting? Or perhaps, it’s a combination of both.

Either way, they both send an image to my mind, optical nerve or something, that doesn’t translate into the best “me” who I imagine myself to be.

I like the mirrors at the fairs which give an illusion of a better version of myself. With the lights on dim, I have more of a sense of security.

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes life is that way?

Today was one of those days.

My son was playing nicely with his new toy he had earned with his “green-tickets” we give him and his sister for exceptional good behavior. His daddy had taken him to the coveted Toys R Us to pick out a special toy. He hit the jackpot to get a trip there with his dad, because, as usual, he got a giant, over the top toy… A bat cave and all the accessories. He seemed very happy and content with this seemingly new living room full of toys. I played pretend with him for a while and I loved watching him use his imagination as he played quietly by himself.

All seemed well with the world…my baby was fast asleep after I read books to her for over 30 minutes.  The house was peaceful. That is, until, my sweet son decided that he was bored with his new toy and wanted to return it and get a different one. I went into explanation mode, as I often do, to try to reason with him about needing to appreciate what he had.

This only made matters worse..

On top of being tired, he then became very upset about this whole matter of not being able to have something else, which then sent me into another tail spin of lecturing him about not being grateful.

My little, calm world had turned into uproar or 4 yr old temper tantrum.

I definitely was in need of a mommy time out, as I felt so upset about his not appreciating what he had.

Things did not go well.

After a period of time of my husband and I trying to figure out different parenting styles while managing the out of control situation, we finally managed to get him calm enough to give in and realize he needed to rest.  We explained how much we loved him and that all would be well when he woke up.

After my long hot shower, I looked in the mirror… but not the physical one.

I looked in the mirror from my son’s actions and it was like being in the department store dressing room.  There I stood, seeing the reality of me and what I really looked like.  Blaring with fluorescent lights, I got the clear, real image, and not from some funny carnival mirror that made me look more to my liking.  I saw from the mirror of the truth of how I am.

In my life I can be just like my so…wanting more, not satisfied with what I have, having my own internal, somewhat controlled, adult temper tantrums about how things are versus how I would like them to be.

I know I need to figure out how to handle these tough parenting situations better.  But the lesson I learned the most today was how I need to be more aware of being grateful for everything in my life.

I have looked into the mirror of truth today, thanks to my son and a parenting situation gone awry…

And for that….. I am extremely GRATEFUL!

Be encouraged today that you are not alone in your struggles to figure out how to raise grateful healthy kids.

You are not alone in your own internal battles to be content with your life.

We have a choice to forgive ourselves, be thankful for those mirrors and know that “all will be well when we wake up”.

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