Twists and Turns

My kids love the Wiggles.

I guess you could say we have been groupies for many years now.

When my oldest was 2, she knew every song and dance and we had the chance to take her to see them in concert.

As time has gone on, the younger two have gone through their favorite kids’ artists but still have a special love of the Wiggles.

Late this Spring, my husband got the word that these Australian stars were coming to our neck of the woods: LA!

So, he bought tickets and we have been eagerly awaiting sharing this event with our kids and watching the delight on their little faces as they see their heros come to life on a real stage.

Things are busy around here.  My husband has his business to run, I am managing the household and we are spending quality time with them, and trying to arrange fun and educational activities with them during the summer.

Meanwhile, I have been diligently working on all the details of opening my Wellness Center & Organic Cafe as well as launching “Moms IN Charge” in the OC.

I just got back from my kidney cleanse and have been playing “catch-up” as well as” keep-up”. Familiar with those games?

The road seemed quite straight-forward with not too many unforeseen problems…the business had it’s own set of issues that were sure to turn up but nothing too difficult to navigate.

None that is until on the way to the Wiggles.

I decided that I should go solo to the concert with all three little eager “wigglers” and leave the hubby behind.. He had been battling a severe headache and neck pain since right after I left for my cleanse.

It had peaked a week prior then he tried various treatments throughout the week to alleviate the discomfort…all to no avail.

Me, in my infinite wisdom made the decision that going to a loud concert with thousands of screaming kids may not be the best choice for his pounding head.

He, in his infinite wisdom,  decided he would go to the ER and just get this “pinched nerve thing” taken care of so then he could get to his normal Sunday ritual of his breakfast burrito, newspaper and peace and quiet at his favorite hang out.

The kids and I had traveled over an hour in the car without too much traffic and were almost at our “Wiggly” destination when suddenly…there was a sharp “bend in the road”.

I got a text from Carl.

He said they were taking him by ambulance to the trauma hospital after doing a CT scan and finding a dissection of his vertebral artery.

Being a nurse, it made this bend sharp and sudden, as I knew what the implications of this could mean.

I wish I could say that I was calm and took nice deep breaths, pulled over and prayed peacefully with my kids.

However, I was in such a panic, that I began to hyperventilate and think the worst.

Thankfully my sister gave me sound advice and pulled me back into reality, as only she can do.  So, I turned around , met my nanny half way going the opposite direction and sent them back on their way to our original destination.

After arriving in the ER, trying to grasp all of the information and plan of care and “what if’s”, i realized how the perception of life can get so skewed.

Unexpected turns…

The events that have been unfolding, even in the process of writing this have been twisty, making me realize how unconscious I am most of the time to the things that matter most.

The things that seem so important suddenly have a bright new light shining on them.
It’s amazing how things look different in the flood lights of the frailty of  life.

I feel blessed have had  this turn.  For in it, God has given me new perspective of this road of life I am on.

He has given my husband and I a new “turn”.

I don’t know what is up ahead.  I can’t see that far.

But what I do know is that our lives are in His hands and He knows the plans He has for us…

He’s in control of the twists and turns…even when we feel our of control.

I am grateful for His light on my Path today.  I see more of what life is about and appreciate the gifts He has given me with much more intensity!

Have you seen the light yet?

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