Finding Clarity

I apparently made it to my retreat just in time for Monsoon season.

We have had some of the most amazing lightning and thunder storms followed by the most  gorgeous painted sky sunsets.

The last time I was here, days were cool and nature seemed calm and serene.

However, my beloved creek, which used to run crisp and clear has now turned to a flowing river of red silt from the magnificent red rocks that surround this beautiful 25 acres they call Grace Grove.

The mud is so thick, and dark that it’s impossible to see anything that could be hanging out in the water.

From my own personal experience of health challenges, I have been motivated and had a passion to share tools to help others learn the things that have made such a hug impact in my life.

I have started working on creating a place for people to become educated about all the things that I have been discovering over the last 2 years.

I have had this dream to make it also a place where people can enjoy how delicious foods can be when made with ONE (Organic, Nourishing, & Energizing) foods.

Also, being on a journey to wellness with my kids has caused a deep desire to help moms understand how to empower themselves and their kids to make healthy choices.

This feeling in a part of my soul is so intense that I feel responsible to share this information and begin a movement to “Change the ‘SHAPE’ of our future”.

However, I have felt the storms of questions stir up the river bed of my passions and dreams.

The once  clear waters now stirred and muddied .

This has been my challenge this week.  This is what I have come to get clear about.

For clarity to come, it requires stillness and time.

Thankfully, this week has allowed both of these precious commodities.

The water of the creek here has yet to become crystal clear, but with a little more time, more settling of the silt, the clarity will come.

I am clear that for some reason I have been chosen to step out in faith and not only be the change I want to see in the world, but to also reach out to others and give the options for optimal health.

I believe if there is a passion burning in your heart, has origins in love and benevolence, and is  something that won’t subside, then it is a divine gift.

We have all been given them.  We all have a purpose here..

The challenge is to get still…Listen and believe you can do it.

Are you being delayed by questions for something magnificent?

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

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