Out of the Bog

The last few months have been some of the most life changing I have had so far in my 40 years.

I noticed that my feet were getting “muddy” years back, and failed to notice or even recognize that they were dirty.

Then as time went on, I found it harder to “walk”.  the shoes were weighted down in the mud of bad food and health choices.

But, on I trudged.. deeper and deeper into the mud.
Each step meeting with increased resistance of the thick slough I had now found myself somehow trapped in from behind and seemingly before me as well.

I  began to convince myself that this was a comfortable place to be… in a bog!

Not really wanting to figure out how to dig out nor admit I had taken each step all on my own to get there, I convinced myself that this was my new lot in life … I rationalized that perhaps it wasn’t even my fault I was here.
But there i was…in a sick, tired, irritable and quite a painful mess..

The lies I let myself believe began to set me further down into the sink hole of certain doom as another statistic of our SAD diet and poor lifestyle choices.

Thankfully a friend came along at just the right time and began to help me dig myself out.  I got myself partially free… Then she started throwing me the tools and teaching me what I needed to do to pull myself totally out of this quagmire I had become so uncomfortably accustomed to.

After struggling and resisting, I finally took hold of the tools she gave me and actually started using them.

I am so thankful to say, I have gotten myself out of that pit of health despair.
However, as with any mud hole you have been in, when you come out… you probably need a good cleansing!

I have been dedicated to this process for almost 4 months now and have prepared myself for the main cleansing I have really needed.

Tomorrow I take new heights and fly to Arizona.. I will be at a wonderful cleansing retreat for the next week.

It is with much hope and appreciation for where I have been and where I am going that I embrace this next part of my journey to wellness..

My prayer is to get the strength and health I need so I can return the favor and help any of you that may need some digging out and some tools thrown your way, too!
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