Where the Tree Falls

Coming back to Grace Grove was like coming back home.

Time has a way of changing things, though.

The Spring had now turned into the heat of summer.

The cool crisp air had now gathered into dense thick humidity.

Being from Georgia, I love the heat when it feels like you could carve a path through it.

The trees are  full of leaves, the orchard is blooming with fruit, the garden is brimming with vegetables and greenery.

With much anticipation, I left the retreat area to explore the trail on my way back down to “my” creek.

I was so enraptured in the moment that I almost ran into a huge tree that had fallen directly over the path.

It was amazing. This once massive, strong tree just split in two, and died.

There it lay in front of me blocking the way I had gone before everyday during the week I was here in April.

It reminded me of a quote my Mom always tells me when I something has happened that I want to go back and change. ” Where the tree falls, there shall it lay.”

Our lives are full of unexpected trees falling into our paths. The things that seem so steady and firm sometimes get knocked down.

The feelings of losing something that has been a constant in our world can be overwhelming.

A loved one, a belief, a habit…the way things are now…they are all things we want to hold on to.

But life is full of changes.  And how we respond to them will make the difference in the quality of our lives.

Time…it changed the tree, the course of my path… it struck me how my life has changed over the last few months.

I have had to let go of habits that were holding me back from becoming my authentic self.  Allowing things to die and accepting the life that comes from it is not easy…but it’s the only way to experience joy and peace.

The challenge is how to find a new path to get through the obstacle that now lies in front of us.

For me, I had to get a firm belief that I wanted to live the life I was created for.  I am spending time to really get clear on what my strengths are. God gives each of us so many gifts. But often, we dismiss them and put them on a shelf to collect dust while we are so busy “doing life”.

I started learning more about what interested me.. Each day, I determined to do one thing positive for myself, including forgiving myself.

I have had to determine that no matter what may come my way, I am not going to let circumstances steal the life that I have been given.

Contemplating this whole tree situation, I noticed that someone had made a trail through the middle of the tree, diverting the path ever so slightly.

It was an unconventional way, but effective and got me right back onto the path, where I finally reached “my creek”.

Do you have a ” creek” you want to reach? Is something in your way, holding you back?
Obstacles are beautiful disguises of opportunities for you to be able to reach your goals.

The way has already been made for you…walk in it today!

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