I love going to the park with my kids…it’s so fun to watch them run, play pretend and explore.

Yesterday, while pushing my baby girl on the swing, I began chatting with another mom.  She was beautiful and in fabulous physical shape.  It was apparent that she worked out often and took good care of herself.

Our conversation drifted from raising little kids to how fast they grow, to the present state of our health.

I shared with her that I was heading out in the morning for a kidney cleanse and that this was my second part of my cleansing program on my journey to health.

She was interested in the cleansing process since she felt like she was still in a fog.  Foggy is a normal feeling for new moms.  It’s that feeling like you have a film over your brain and the connections can’t all quite make it together.

I could relate since I was in a constant “fog” for years.  I was pregnant or breastfeeding for 7 years with only an 8 month break between my first 2 kids.

Between hormones, terrible 2’s, diapers and sleepless nights the clarity of living was very obscured.

Just getting up to function and complete daily tasks was usually daunting all by itself.

Add onto it, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia symptoms, post-partum depression  and a toxic body, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Helping others or being some type of mom ambassador was as far from my consciousness as Mars is.

Needless to say, I could relate to this lovely mama.

When you are in the thick of the fog, as I was, it seems hopeless. There is no sun, it’s hard to see what the heck is in front of you and mostly, it seems safest just to pull over on the side of the road until it all clears.

I think we are all in a spectrum of getting clarity.

Last Spring the fog was much heavier.  But, I kept going forward.  I kept trusting the process; reaching out to those along the path who had gone before me and who were there to lead me.

Slowly the fog has started to lift.

Each day more rays of sunshine penetrate through and begin to burn away the things that have held me back from reaching my fullest potential.

Today, as I am on the shuttle on my way back to Grace Grove, I feel blessed to have a clearer vision.  However my intention for this next part of my journey as I focus in the kidneys, which are such powerful filters for our body, is that I, too, will filter out the negativity in my life and gain clarity of how I can most effectively reach out my hand to help others who are still “socked in”.

Maybe the mom at the park will one day join me as we join forces to be the change we want to see in the world…

ONE step at a time, ONE bite at a time, ONE mom at a time…..

We can “change the shape of our future”!

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3 Responses to Clarity

  1. Jerri Tuck says:

    Beautiful Dotty…so very glad you’re feeling better. I’m sure you’re an inspiration to my ‘stressed out’ moms. Love you

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Mom!
      I hope to inspire other moms who are feeling that they are just going about life surviving and let them know there is hope and that they can THRIVE!
      Love u!

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