ONE Bite at a Time

How did we get here?

Last week, I promised my oldest daughter I would take her to Disneyland.  Being the smart little whip that she is, she didn’t forget.  So, today, I got the blessing of taking her to Disney on one of the hottest and busiest days of the summer.

It was so great to have one on one time with her. That is so valuable.

As we walked around the park, my eyes seemed to open in a new way.  I began to observe the people around me.  People were enjoying themselves at “the happiest place on earth”, eating, drinking and having fun.   However, it was amazing that nearly every other person I saw was overweight.  Many were obese.  People seemed very content and happy munching on their cotton candy, popcorn and ice cream.  It didn’t seem to matter to anyone what they were consuming or what effect it was having on their body.

The point is that we are all happy, right? Doing whatever feels good…in the moment.

I began to wonder… Are we all really that ignorant of the importance of good nutrition and keeping our bodies in shape?

I feel hard pressed to believe that, as there has been much media attention for being healthy and looking good.

The problem I realized today was that people just don’t think it matters.

One bite…One day…One vacation…Just this one time…

Our nation has had a dramatic increase in obesity. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity in our nation quadrupled from 1986-2000. All states now have greater than 20% of it’s population obese.  Some states are much worse.

According to sources from the CDC, the direct medical cost of obesity and indirect economic loss to obesity has been estimated to be as high as $51.64 billion and $99.2 billion in 1995.  Respectively, this rose to $61 billion and $117 billion in 2000. Researchers for the CDC and RTI International estimate that in 2003, obesity-attributable medical expenditures reached $75 billion.

Many of us go about our day blindly making choices that are cumulatively affecting us in dramatic ways.

It reminds me of the frog in the water on the stove… Nice and cozy, warming up ever so slightly.  It’s body becoming accustomed to the rising temperature.  Content and not realizing that with every degree, he’s getting closer to his demise.  Unfortunately, by the time he realizes, it’s about to reach the boiling point.  It’s too late.

How many times do we have to hear the stories of crisis diagnosis before we wake up to realize that each bite matters.  Each choice that we make adds up over time.

This is true of all the aspects of our lives…Our food, the love we give or withhold, kindness, quick tempered answers… it all matters.  No one is perfect, but if we don’t begin to realize that the little things matter…one day we may wake, look in the mirror, or at our spouse and ask, how did we get here?  One bite at a time.

My passion and desire is that I can somehow stir up that pot enough for you to feel the temperature rising and get you to jump out…to jump out before  the strength required is harder to find to make the changes needed to turn the damage around.

You are the only one who can jump out.

This is your life…You have one shot at it…It matters…You matter.

You don’t have to complicate it.  Just do something positive for yourself and those around you today!

ONE bite at a time!

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  1. Jerri Tuck says:

    Wow! Dotty that was a great article and great insight into the obesity situations going on in our society. It’s amazing…one bite at a time…that’s how it happens…Thanks for sharing…I’ll pass this on. Love it!

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