Give Me 5!

Time seems to fly by at warp speed.

Perhaps the thought that we could be somehow getting “more time” is the reason there has been so much intrigue with the fact that July 2011 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays.  This is something that occurs very seldom.

Days go by and we are so busy, we often don’t stop and think about attaching any real meaning to the time as it passes.  The meaning doesn’t seem to appear until a memory of some significance is created.

Looking back at old pictures, we think of how the kids have grown, how much younger we looked, how much more fun we had back ” then” or even perhaps with regret of what has been and now is gone.

The significance of 5 has biblical perspective of grace.

Today also being the 5th of July, I thought it was fitting to share these thoughts with you.

In your busy-ness  today, make the opportunity to be intentional about making a memory of kindness and love.  Kneel down at your kids’ eye level and connect with them and see how the world appears from their perspective.  Take a deep breath and count to 3 before responding to someone’s unkind words.  Call a friend you haven’t contacted for a while. Smile at and hug the next person who walks in your door and tell them something you appreciate about them.

In your intentionality, remember that today is a day of Grace.

Be kind to yourself.
God gives us grace as an example of how to love not only others, but also ourselves.
You are not bound by your past..You CAN move forward!

Give yourself “5” today! You’re awesome!

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3 Responses to Give Me 5!

  1. christy graves says:

    Well said Dotty! It’s grace and love that gets us through the day!

    • admin says:

      Christy, You are so right!! Boy did I eat my words tonight and need lots of Grace! Thank u for being you! Hugs:) Dotty!

  2. Jerri Tuck says:

    Good article Dotty….so glad for the grace of God in our lives and we really need to practice GRACE towards others….thanks for the reminder. Love you. Mom

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