The Valves

As an Cardiac ICU nurse for many years, I have studied the heart and how critical the valves are for correct flow of our blood.  Having them closed by negative pressure or not opening properly can cause serious problems for the whole body.

In life, we also have “valves” that are crucial to the correct flow of our happiness and joy.

The valve in my life has been open and shut many times.  Sometimes it is from allowing others’ opinions of me hinder the flow, letting the stresses of life clog up the flow or just simply from my own self-limiting thinking.

Since I have made a conscious decision to let this part of me be open, I feel more internal freedom and discover amazing connections to areas of my dreams and desires that I never thought were possible.

I believe that because God cares so much for us, that He wants to give us the desires of our heart.

I am finding that on my journey for total wellness, it truly isn’t a place that I will ever reach where I will then feel “qualified” enough, or live the “perfect” life enough to be able to share my passion.

It is in the everyday discoveries, as I am learning how to find joy in the journey, that I feel I truly have a voice  to help others push away the things that are closing the “valves” in their lives, holding them back from feeling joy and vibrancy again.

There is a beautiful flow of life just waiting to be released; One heartbeat at a time… one small choice at a time.

You can have your life back again… even better than before!

If you want to begin to open areas of your life and need someone to come along side you, click my Health Coach link and contact me.

I am here for you.



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