It’s interesting that right now, my daughter and I are reading John Bunyan’s old classic “Pilgrim’s Progress”.  It’s an allegory of the journey to the “Golden City ” by the pilgrim, named Christian.

Tonight as we were reading I was reminded once again that in this life, we all face obstacles.  We all have choices and voices.  They are all around us.  The paths to peace and life sometimes may not seen like the easiest way to go.  So, we choose the one of less resistance; the voice that is the loudest.  However, as the story goes, so do our lives too often.  We wind up in a “bog” or entangled in some type of mess that tends to takes us longer to unravel ourselves from than if we had just stayed on that rocky path… even though we didn’t think we had the right “shoes” to be able to get through it.

So much easier said than done… but such a truth.

The story, although not the original meaning, relates to our choices for our path of health.  Our vitality is our Golden City.  If you have wandered off the path somehow, it’s ok.  You have a friend who is here to gently guide you back.
If you are reading this, you are already on course ! :)

It’s ok to just be who you are.  :) There are plenty of others who will try to beat you up.. you don’t need to do it! Love the person you are… in whatever shape you are in right now!

I will remind myself too… :)
See you on the journey, Pilgrim!


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