Free to Fly

Raising kids has brought attention to the stuff in life that really matters.

My son’s class has been raising silk worms.  It has been quite interesting watching these little creatures.  I didn’t realize first of all how soft the little guys are.  It is kind of weird to pet a worm, but pretty amazing.  They spin themselves into this beautiful egg-shaped silk ball.

We have all been watching and waiting…Not much happened for a while.

Today as I dropped off my son, the kids were all gathered around the “silk box”. There, amongst the other little silk balls, neatly placed in egg carton compartments, was one lone white moth; certainly happily emerged from this cocoon.  It had now become a metamorphosis of what he had been, with beautifully shaped white silky wings, perched and ready for a whole new world that once before was completely out of reach.

Looking at this whole scene, I realized some things that reminded me about life… life that I have been and am going through.

Change is never easy.

It seems to always involve some sort of cocooning, time, and shedding away of excess stuff weighing us down.  In order for us to become the person we were created to be, we must go through the process…

There are no shortcuts to getting the end-result we desire.

If we had pulled that guy out of his cocoon to free him while going through his change, we would have not allowed him to reach his full potential.

On my journey to health freedom, I have had to make a conscious effort to “crawling around on cabbage leaves”.  I had to take that first step to decide that my health was more important than the habits that I had become entrenched in.  The things that I knew in my soul that were holding me back, I had to shed.  With that denial, I had to do a retreat.  I needed space.  I needed time. Time to heal, time to process what I wanted, what I was going through and be still.

I challenge you today.  Take the first step. Be the change you want to see in yourself and your world.

You can be free!  Come fly to health and wellness with me! But be patient with yourself.  These things take time….let’s enjoy the journey!

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