The Salt Rub

I have been writing a gratitude journal over the last few months. 

Although I haven’t been as consistent as perhaps I’d like to, I jump back into my gratitude writings as soon as I remember.

The Journal was inspired by “The gratitude to bliss project” I stumbled onto through my school.

A few weeks later, my health counselor also gave the gratitude journal to me as an assignment…luckily my “Project” was already underway…It usually takes me more than once to pay attention to something. So after hearing this again, I figured someone was trying to tell me something and I needed to really make this a priority.

While on my cleansing retreat, one of the healers added a new dimension to my daily assignment.

I must say it has not been the easiest thing to do.

She told me to also write down my gratitude for those lovely pieces of salt people rub into your skin, for those who speak unkindly about you or when life is just not going as planned and you feel those irritations that often get the best of you.

For it is through these people and these times that the salt begins to burn away the pride, makes you look in the mirror and examine your own heart. Is this unkindness a mirror of how you have ever treated others?

Is this situation trying to teach you how to love?

Today I get the privilege to be grateful. On this Mother’s Day I am grateful for so many blessings including my 3 beautiful children, my amazing husband, my health and countless more!

But I am equally able to say thank you for the salt rub…not just the one I got as a gift with my spa wrap…but the one I received earlier this morning.

Today may I give others their space to feel or perceive what they wish.  May I send love instead of anger… Accepting the scrubbing away of all the judgments and unkindness that wants to cling onto my soul.

I hope that is a glow I see coming on…from the inside out!

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