Wrapping Up

The lyrics of a song resonates in my heart as I take one last walk to the creek where I have experienced so much inspiration this past week.

“Give me eyes to see more of who you are…the sky can’t contain all of who you are…the Greatness of our God”

I was grateful I was able to stay a few extra days to debrief from the intense but life-changing cleanse.

It has helped me step back and take in all the elements of what I have learned.

Sitting back at the water’s edge, the warm sunlight permeating my skin, listening to the soft flowing sound of the water, I feel a bit of anxiety over leaving this sanctuary I’ve found.

I’m reminded of His greatness.  His flowing waters that are available to us when we need it.
Tapping into the source of light daily for a lasting cleanse that no water nor retreat can give.

I feel calmed and comforted in this understanding.

Life is not all streams and blue skies. It’s easy to feel the joy when you are separated from the daily stress of responsibilities.

I am wrapping up all the amazing experiences into my heart, soul and spirit with love and confidence knowing that “he which begun a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.”

May the bow of Grace adorn this amazing gift I’ve been given!

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