Overwhelming Grace through Intention

photo 1The light gentle breeze flowed over my face as I swung in the breeze sipping my favorite smoothie at the Chocolate Tree, my personal retreat destination.

I had it all planned.
I was going to go back to my hotel and pack, then head back to get my last yummy organic raw lunch at the “Tree”.  On my way out of town to the airport I would stop at the crystal shop to pick up gifts for my kids and friends.
photo 1
It was all going according to plan.  I soaked up the sun and water in my amazing outdoor shower and listened to the “Happy” station on Pandora, blissfully grateful for all I had experienced and learned over the past week.
photo 4
I was packing, singing and dancing as I got a text from my husband.  He said, “Who’s getting u from airport? Want Carson and I to get u?”  I responded that I would love them to pick me up. His response would set forth a series of events that would forever change my life and understanding of the power of intention, God’s Love, and the intense ways the universe can and will work to conspire to assist anyone on their journey.

“What time does your flight arrive?” Carl said.  I thought I knew the time. In my mind it was 4:30.  That was going to give me perfect time to do all my “stuff”.

I have no idea how I thought that since I had actually earlier arranged for someone to pick me up at 450.

Anyway, I decided pull up my itinerary to verify the exact time and, yep, I had totally gotten it wrong!

PanicMy plane was leaving at 3:40pm!! That was almost an hour earlier than I had thought!

My initial reaction was PANIC!

But since I had been reading and listening to the most inspiring information for a whole week, I decided to put some of what I had learned into practice!!
So, I slowed down and took 3 slow deep breaths.

I finished getting ready and regrouped my plan.

I was in such a panic still, however, that I hit my head (hard!) on the bellman’s golf cart as he put my luggage in my rental car.SlowDown

I immediately took this as a sign to “SLOW DOWN!”

So, I did.  I went to the Chocolate Tree and got some goodies to go then on to the crystal shop as planned to buy a few gifts.

I was trying to be intentional so I could get the right gifts even though I was in a mad dash!

In the process, I heard someone call my name. “Dotty, hi!”.

It was Windy, a beautiful lady who was a key to helping me through the week. But, she was 2 hours away from where we has originally met.

It was so unexpected yet awesome to see her. I told her about my crazy little flight misunderstanding and that I was in a crazy rush.

She looked at me with her calm eyes and I could feel her energy telling me everything was going to be ok and to just go with it.

I finished my “shopping adventure” and jumped back into my car (that was still running) and looked at the time.

It was 1:20.

Breakout1It takes almost 2 hours to get from Sedona to Phoenix.  The rental car place is about a mile away and I calculated it all out.

Things did NOT look good in the natural realm.

Luckily for me, I has been saturating my mind with books like “Breakout”, by Joel Osteen and listening to “Success Principles”, by Jack Canfield and brushing up on “The Secret” via Audible.ListeningSmile

All the things I had been filling my spirit with came flooding over me.

I immediately began stating and proclaiming what I was happy and grateful for.

I said, “I am so happy and grateful that I am on the 3:40 flight to Orange County without any travel delays to get there and I have time to spare.”.

photo 3I continued to say this over and over as I drove the beautiful picturesque road out of Sedona and through the dry cactus terrain that would lead me to Phoenix.

All the way there, I was listening to “Success Principles” playing in my ear.
With each mile and each feeling of panic that would arise, I would continue to repeat my affirmation.

Jack was talking about success and shared example after example of people who envisioned their success way before it ever occurred.

They would play the events that they wanted to have happen over and over in their minds.

I was also thinking of the words of Joel Osteen, who shared that we should believe not in our problems but in the promises and greatness of God and how He goes before us to help us in time of need, putting people and circumstances in place to assist us because He cares and loves us

Just-BelieveThe power of our intention was also brought to my mind of how the universe will bring forth whatever it is needed if we ask, believe and be grateful that we receive!

My faith waxed and waned over the miles!

I finally arrived at the airport exits and it did not look promising.

I kept praying, “God, please delay my flight… God, I thank you for delaying my flight so Carl and Carson can pick me up.”
As I exited to drop off my Hertz
rental, I had just heard Jack talk about the power of ASKING!!

As I got parked my car, now breathing heavy and in a bit of a panic, two Hertz guys were there to check me in.

The normal protocol is have them check over your car, then going downstairs and waiting for a shuttle to take you over a mile to the airport, stopping at each place where people need to go then finally getting to your spot.

I knew this was NOT a good plan for me.

So, I immediately plead my case with the guys and begged them to take me directly to the airport, which, they DID!
Not only did they take me, but did so hastily as if their lives depended on it and even helped me with my luggage!

Woman Closing EyesI seriously prayed prayers of gratitude the entire way, continuing my mantra and making sure to include “with time to spare!”.

Although my nervous feeling and actions were not adequately reflecting the beliefs in my prayers, I continued on.

There was a LONG line for the Southwest curbside check in.

Continuing with Jacks inspiration, I asked the lady at the front of the line if I could go ahead because of my close flight time.

She said “YES!” Wow!skycap

The skycap took my drivers license and with the sweetest smile told me something that rocked me to a deeper belief in the grace and greatness of my God.

“You know the flight doesn’t leave until 4:30pm, right?” “Really?” I replied, as I thought I must have read my itinerary wrong.

“Your flight has been delayed. You have plenty of time.” He said with a smile. “Relax and enjoy.”

Wow! At that moment I was totally overwhelmed with emotion!

reflectingThe tears began streaming down my face as everything I had been saying and believing for over the last two hours just unfolded as I had prayed and spoke and believed!

As I breezed through security without any line (as I also had spoken in belief) and went easily to my gate with ample time to spare, I realized in the most amazing true and tangible way that everything I had learned all week was indeed TRUE!

I know that God is real and that when we use the principles to ask and believe, we WILL RECEIVE!

I sat down at my terminal after the kind attendant verified that indeed the flight was slightly delayed, giving me just the perfect amount of time to  write all this amazing-ness to share with you.freedom

I truly believe that I went through this entire experience so that my faith would be strengthened and so I could encourage and inspire you.

Whatever it is you think and believe, you can create.
If you trust in the ONE who created the universe, you and replace your doubts with faith and belief, you can have the amazing exciting and blessed life you deserve.

Nothing is too big or too small to ask for.

Today may I spark the faith for you to go forward toward realizing your dreams are actually already here!

Claim them and watch them show up!!


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